Spring nail edit: Essie pastels

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essie spring pastels

essie pastel shade swatches

Pinky: romper room, ring: mint candy apple, middle: bikini so teeny, pointer: tart deco, thumb: sand tropez

Every year, like clockwork, the arrival spring makes me fall in love with pastel colours all over again. While a head to toe pastel look might not be for everyone, a much less tricky way to sport the tint is on the nails. In my opinion, nobody does pastels better than Essie. So with that in mind, I thought I’d pick my top five wearable pastel nail colours for spring.

Let’s start with the lightest colour of the bunch, Essie’s romper room. This is the quintessential pastel pink that screams spring. I sometimes think light pink nails can look too young, especially when they veer into sickly sweet, cotton candy territory. But this particular shade for me, strikes the right balance between white and pink—a sort of grown up baby pink, if you will.

From one spring staple shade to another, Essie’s mint candy apple is the polish equivalent of a palate cleanser after all the dark shades of winter. This minty green is definitely eye catching, but in the most flattering way. Plus, anything that reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream is a winner in my books!

Next we have bikini so teeny, a pretty cornflower blue that is amongst the rare few shades of blue I wear on my nails. If you’ve never tried a blue polish before, definitely give this one a go. You might unexpectedly discover that you rather like it—that’s exactly what happened with me. A point to bear in mind about this shade though, the formula is thin and requires three coats to become opaque. It also contains tiny shimmers that are visible in the bottle but not so apparent on the nails. Personally, I don’t mind this at all as I prefer cream finishes.

Of course, no spring nail edit would be complete without a coral and my pick is Essie’s tart deco. Think of this colour as an orange leaning coral with some white pigment mixed in. It’s quite bright yet has a hint of a pastel tone to it.

And finally, we have the staple fall-back, a nude polish. Colours are great, but sometimes I just want a shade that I know works with anything and everything. That’s when I reach for Essie’s aptly named sand tropez. I would classify this sandy beige as a neutral pastel. It provides just enough contrast against my skin tone to register as a colour, thus avoiding the mannequin hands look, which I’m not hugely fond of.

So there you have it, my round up of Essie’s spring pastels. If you’re looking for new nail colours to try out this season, I’d highly recommend all of these. They are shades I come back to year after year.