Cherry blossom at High park

trench with jeans

cherry blossom outfit

On Saturday my sister and I went to high park in Toronto to see the cherry blossoms. It was my first time seeing the flowers and let me tell you, as gorgeous as they look in all those Instagram pictures probably flooding your feed, they are even more breathtaking in person. Something about those perfectly formed trees all covered in delicate pink flowers that’ve bloomed en masse makes you stop and stare in wonder. Of course, a big part of the draw is also the fleeting nature of their beauty, it really makes you realize that you’re witnessing something special.

I will admit, I did put some thought into what I’d wear for these pictures. I wanted something that would complement the colours around me rather than stand out because let’s be honest, the blossoms are really the star of the show. As it happened, the pink Zara top I wore matched with the trees so well, it could’ve passed off as camouflage. I mean, doesn’t everyone need a floral pink blouse that they could wear to be camouflaged amongst the cherry blossoms?…No? Maybe it’s just me then. (ha!)

pink floral blouse with jeans

floral top with high rise jeans

I bought the blouse last season from Zara but floral print is always popular for spring and with pink and ruffles being key trends for the season, you’re likely to find something similar at most retailers. I’ve linked some of my favourite pink floral pieces at the bottom of the post too. I wore the top with my favourite jcrew straight leg jeans. I absolutely love this high rise, crop leg denim (worn here too) as I find it both comfortable and flattering—yes, such a thing exists, who knew?!

pink floral ruffle sleeve blouse

furla metropolis with trench

jeans with ankle boots

Finally, I added my trench, and some ankle boots to the outfit, both of which are closet staples for spring in Toronto which can often mean cold rainy days (yay!).

I hope you liked the photos, thanks so much for reading! All of the items available are linked below, if something is not available, I’ve tried to link similar alternatives.


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