Lace top, three ways (part 2) – The evening look

schutz suede lace up heels and mango lace top

Top: Mango, Skirt: Tibi, Earrings: Rivka Friedman, Bag: Coach penny, Shoes: Schutz

This post is part two of my three part mini series in which I style the same lace blouse for three different occasions. If you haven’t seen part one yet, you can see it here. In it, I styled the blouse as part of a daytime or workwear outfit. Today I’m taking the same white lace top and dressing it up for an evening look.

As I mentioned in the previous post, you certainly don’t need my exact top to recreate these looks. Chances are, you already have a lace blouse in your closet. But if you don’t, I’d say you should remedy that right away. As you’ll see throughout this series, it really does work for almost any occasion. I’ve linked the top I’m wearing as well as a few other options that are available right now at the bottom of the post so check those out for some ideas.

tibi button up skirt and mango lace top

tie waist mini skirt with lace top

white lace top with button front mini skirt

Coming back to this outfit, the transition from day to night is really down to a couple of simple changes. I switched out the pants for a mini and then used my accessories to further dress up the outfit. Admittedly, this approach is nothing new, rather it’s a tried and true styling trick but why change what’s not broken?

I think statement jewelry is probably the single most transformative addition to any outfit. It’s amazing how a chunky necklace or cocktail ring can totally change the feel of an outfit. It’s basically the lazy girl’s secret to dressing up. In this case, I went with some gold dangly earrings to complement the neckline of the top but really, you could pick any standout piece of jewelry you own and I can guarantee, it would work with a white lace blouse. Yet another reason I love them so much.

white lace top and rivka friedman gold earrings

coach penny and schutz darby lace up tan block heels

The last nod to evening dressing comes through my cross body bag which I’m carrying as a clutch here instead. This particular model is the Coach ‘penny’ bag which has since been discontinued but Coach now makes a very similar model called ‘dinky’. It’s just slightly bigger than the ‘penny’ so it fits more than the bare minimum and I actually prefer it for that reason.  But obviously, you can use any mini bag and achieve the same look by either detaching the straps as I did here, or tucking them in. This way you can avoid buying dedicated clutches and get the most bang for your buck—which if this series hasn’t made obvious enough, I’m clearly all about!

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