Trying out gingham for the very first time

yellow gingham, white loafers and furla metropolis and silk neck scarf

Top: Zara, Scarf: Ann Taylor old (similar), Jeans: Jcrew (on sale), very similar, Shoes: sold out (similar), Bag: Furla, Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples ‘Alivia’ (different colour here)

off shoulder yellow gingham and jeans with neck scarf and oliver peoples alivia sunglasses

yellow gingham and neck scarf with white furla metropolis chain strap

In case you hadn’t heard, gingham is all the rage right now. To be fair, it’s always been a popular print for summer. But this year I really feel like it’s everywhere—you just can’t escape it. Up to this point, I’d always been a bit indifferent to it but this year, for the first time, I’ve finally come around to it. Not just come around actually, I’m fully on board!

So what’s brought about this sudden change you ask? Well, I think I’ve finally discovered how to make the print work for me. Being quite petite at 5’3” (on a good day), in the past I’ve always found gingham to overwhelm me and make me look like I was wearing a picnic blanket. That’s definitely a look, just not the one I was going for! But after repeatedly seeing it everywhere and on everyone in the past few weeks, I felt I had to give it a go again.

This Zara top initially caught my eye for it’s sunny yellow colour and off the shoulder shape. Upon closer inspection, I realized it’s in a gingham print too. In case you like to follow trends, all three are definitely in this season. But I primarily bought the top because I thought the subdued check print could be a good way to dip my toes in and test out the pattern. I’m wearing it with some nineties style ‘mom’ jeans (also worn here and here) and what do you know? I really really like it! I especially love how the primary colours complement each other to create a bright and cheery look that’s perfect for summer. So much so, I also added a neck scarf to further bring out the yellow tones and tie the whole outfit together.

So if you’re gingham shy like I was, but are still curious to try out the classic print, this is the perfect time to do so. The shops are absolutely saturated with gingham everything at the moment—not just clothes but accessories too—so pick any one item to incorporate into your outfits and see how you like it. I personally love the injection of color and playfulness this print adds to any outfit, but if you’re still wary, perhaps try black and white gingham first before you move on to something bolder. As for me, head to toe gingham, here I come!

Just kidding, (kind of). Watch this space!

off shoulder zara yellow gingham and silk neck scarf

oliver peoples sunglasses yellow gingham and furla metropolis

zara off shoulder yellow gingham top with silk neck scarf and furla metropolis

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