Dressing in fall colours + Review of Everlane’s modern tassel loafers

Caramel brown leather jacket Massimo Dutti

Like pretty much every fashion blogger out there, I too am a sucker for fall. I know…how very original lol. I may be predictable but it’s true. There is something undeniably appealing about this time of year—the perfectly crisp weather, the leaves changing colours, the festive atmosphere and of course my favourite part, cozy evenings spent at home, with a good book and hot drink to keep me company. Although, the latter is more of a dream than reality!

But coming back to fashion, I think the main reason this season resonates with me is for the colour palette. From the mustard golds and rusty oranges to deep camels and rich burgundies—I am ALL about those warm autumnal hues. And what better way to show my appreciation than to dress like my favourite season, quite literally. Rest assured, it sounds more absurd than it actually is.

Brown leather jacket and citizens of humanity straight crop jeans
Fall dressing, leather jacket, everlane modern tassel loafers

fall florals, layering, transition outfit

The focal point of the outfit is my beloved Massimo Dutti leather jacket that I bring out every spring and fall without fail. A well fitting leather jacket is definitely an essential for me and the caramel brown shade of this one actually works better within my wardrobe than a standard black. Mine is nearly three years old but I’d would highly recommend Massimo Dutti for high quality, well priced leather jackets in varying neutral shades.

Tan brown massimo dutti leather jacket and coach navy court bag
Brown crop leather jacket massimo dutti

Underneath, I’m wearing a sleeveless floral top whose colours compliment the rest of the outfit. I’m always thinking of ways to transition my summer pieces into fall and even winter. On this day, the weather was mild so a leather jacket sufficed but on a cooler day I would add a thin, ribbed camel turtleneck underneath the top to amp up the warmth. I do this with a lot of my summer blouses and silk shirts to carry them into winter so you’ll definitely see this in action soon enough.

I rounded out the look with my go to straight leg crop jeans, the only cut of denim I seem to wear these days and a pair of burgundy loafers which have been a great addition to my fall wardrobe. If you’d like to hear more about my thoughts on the shoes, read on for a review.

Fall florals derek lam 10 crosby
coach court bag and massimo dutti leather jacket in tan

Everlane modern tassel loafers in burgundy


As a loafer lover, I’ve long admired Everlane’s footwear for its chic and minimalist design. But I held off on taking the plunge for numerous reasons, primarily the uncertainty that comes with buying shoes online and having them shipped internationally. However if anything were to propel me to pull the trigger, it had to be these patent leather, tasseled beauties in burgundy. My reasoning was, I already knew from experience that loafers are one of my most worn shoes and I was also looking to inject a dose of burgundy into my fall wardrobe in some form of accessory (i.e. a shoe or handbag). That being said, although the shade is definitely symbolic of autumn, I find burgundy to be one of those colours that almost works like a neutral (much like khaki or mustard), so I plan to wear these shoes year round.

Cost and Shipping: The shoes retail for $180 USD—not cheap by any means. But if you know anything about Everlane as a company, you know it is an online retailer that aims to offer high quality wardrobe classics at non-designer prices by employing a direct to consumer sales model. Plus, having heard and read mostly positive reviews, I had high expectations for the shoes. As far as shipping goes, orders to Canada below $250 USD ship at a flat rate of $15, inclusive of duties and taxes, which is definitely my personal preference when shopping internationally.

Material and Sizing: The shoes are made of a thick and sturdy patent leather that is very rigid and structured. The result is a substantial shoe that definitely needs a good amount of breaking in. Mine are over a month old now and despite seeing regular use, they still haven’t softened to the degree I’d like. For size, I took mine in a US 7 or EUR 37.5. I’m a true EUR 37, but went with Everlane’s recommendation of sizing up a half size. I’m glad I did because the combination of the stiff leather and narrow toe box would have made the 37s too tight for my wide feet.

Wear and tear: As I’ve only had the shoes for a month, I can’t comment on long term wear but my initial impression is that these are well made shoes. I imagine the Italian craftsmanship and high quality leather mean the shoes will age well and get even more comfortable as the leather softens and moulds to my feet. Plus the patent finish makes them resistant to water, creases, scuffs and scratches while allowing them to retain their shape.

Cons: The one possible con I need to address, aside from the potentially long breaking in period is that the tassels—which are only secured to the shoe from their base—constantly tap against the shoes as you walk, thus alerting everyone in the vicinity to your arrival! This got annoying pretty quickly but luckily it was an easy fix. I superglued the tassels to the shoe and it worked like a charm, totally eliminating the noise.

Final thoughts: As someone who doesn’t mind spending slightly more on quality footwear, I think these loafers certainly offer good value for money. I think of Everlane’s offerings more as “investment” pieces rather than fast fashion or novelty items so I anticipate these shoes will have good longevity in my closet, making them a worthwhile purchase for me.

fall transition outfit, everlane burgundy patent loafers

Jacket: Massimo Dutti (similar), Top: Derek Lam 10 Crosby, Jeans: Wilfred x CoH, Bag: Coach ‘court’, Shoes: Everlane