The bold, the bright and the colourful

jcrew factory orange and blue floral dress with yellow statement earrings kenneth jay lane carnival

Dress: J crew factory old (similar here and here), Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane (available here and here, budget option here), Bag: Furla mini metropolis, Shoes: Schutz, Lip: Mac so chaud

orange blue and yellow colorblocking

orange and blue floral dress jcrew factory and tan suede schutz darby lace up block heeled sandals

jcrew factory orange floral dress with schutz lace up block heels

Usually I’m a fan of injecting some colour into my outfits but I have to admit, today’s look is slightly out of my comfort zone. Not only am I wearing head to toe colour, the colour in question is orange—and I don’t mean a reddy orange or a peachy orange, I mean a true orange. A shade I can safely say I haven’t sought to wear in over two years.

So now you’re probably wondering why on earth am I writing this post then? Well, here’s the thing, the dress worn here was bought three years ago when I really had no inkling of which colours actually suited me or which ones worked well within my existing wardrobe. I clearly remember seeing this dress on the Jcrew factory website and thinking it looked great on the model, plus it was on super sale so obviously that meant I should get it. Thankfully, my purchases are a little more carefully deliberated these days. But coming back to the dress, three years on and I still struggled to make the eye catching print work for me—until I had a breakthrough of sorts.

Previously, my instinct with wearing a bright colour was to always balance it out with some neutrals. While that works in most cases, when I tried it with this dress, it just washed me out. So then naturally I figured why not do the complete opposite and add even more bright colours to balance the already vivid print. In case you’re wondering, it sounded just as crazy then as it does now. But hey, at least it worked! The moment I added some punchy yellow earrings and a bold orangey red lip to the already bright orange, the overall look was somehow more balanced.

You might have thought I’d stop there and initially, so did I, but then when it came to picking shoes and a bag, I realized that I could actually take the colour blocking a step further and incorporate another colour into the mix through a little white bag. And sure white doesn’t usually classify as a colour but in this context I’d say it does because it veers from the existing colour palette. So really, the only safe choice in this outfit are the tan lace up sandals which I had to go with or risk venturing into clown territory. As it stands, I think I’ve just about avoided that!

So I suppose the take away from this styling experiment is that there is no universal rule when it comes to dressing. I hope I’ve encouraged you to reevaluate the items in your closet that don’t get much wear and perhaps inspired you to try styling them with a different approach. Hell, I tried a complete one-eighty and ended up with a winning combination, no reason you couldn’t too!

orange and blue floral dress with kenneth jay lane thread ball earrings yellow

Kenneth jay lane yellow ball drop earrings, dupe for rebecca de ravenel les bonbons

furla mini metropolis white and schutz darby lace up block heels

blue and orange colorblocking with yellow ball drop earrings, rebecca de ravenel bonbons dupe

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