Yellow for the uninitiated – An outfit and tips for a first timer

Dress: Asos old (similar here), Shoes: Brian Atwood (similar), Bag: Coach

I feel like it’s been a summer of colour revelations for me. I’ve ventured into hues that I would’ve previously stayed away from and been pleasantly surprised at just how much I enjoyed wearing them. You might already be aware of my preoccupation with red given its frequent reappearances on this blog (see here and here), but today I’m shining the spotlight on another colour I’m similarly smitten with: yellow.

I know many people, myself included, shy away from yellow—no doubt, it can be a tricky shade to wear. But since first wearing the shade here, I’ve realized that actually, a splash of yellow can liven up any outfit, making this sunny hue the perfect compliment to sunny days. However, in case you’re unsure of how to begin, I’ve got some tips for navigating this often times intimidating colour:

  • Find your shade of yellow: Stating the obvious here but it shouldn’t be overlooked. I firmly believe all skin tones can wear yellow, it’s just a matter of finding your shade. As someone with olive skin, I have a tendency to look sallow anyway so the right shade is critical to avoid looking sickly. I’ve realized that mustards and light yellows work well for me while golden yellows end up looking garish. So try on different hues in the spectrum—everything from muted pastels and dirty mustards to more vibrant shades like chartreuse or canary—the right one will immediately enhance your skin tone.
  • Opt for a print: If you’re not ready to don solid yellow quite yet, perhaps opt for a print like I’ve done here. I’d recommend anything on a neutral base or a colour that you find easy to wear, like blue for instance. The base colour will tone down the yellow so it’s not so in your face. 
  • Experiment with accessories: And finally, if yellow clothing still doesn’t appeal to you, go for yellow accessories instead. A pop of yellow through some statement earrings, a neck scarf or a mini crossbody is the perfect way to incorporate this cheerful shade into your existing wardrobe. It’s actually my personal favourite evidenced by the fact that I’ve worn all three of the above here, here and here.


So there you have it, my basic guide to wearing yellow. I hope you found these suggestions helpful and that perhaps I’ve inspired you to introduce some yellow into your wardrobe. I know I for one, will not be overlooking this sometimes misunderstood shade any longer!

Some yellow pieces to add to your wardrobe